Business Development for Mortgage Brokers and Firms

Providing you with the knowledge and expertise to maximize your potential.

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What do we do?

OB1 Financial work with mortgage brokers from the day they step off their Cemap course right through to growing their own successful brokerages.

We’ll help you find your first role in the industry, then support you while you grow and develop your career to the next level.

We provide business development services to assist you in creating the best possible foundation to build your business from.

Connections with industry leading firms, we can ensure you’re talking with the best systems and product providers, clubs and companies essential to creating the best business possible from day 1.

Whether you’re looking for a network to call home or have decided going directly authorised is the best route for your business, we can support you in making your business the success you hope it to be.

Our Services


We offer a bespoke service for your brokerage. We’ll help you to design your adviser offering to target the desired candidates as effectively as possible and then build the marketing campaigns to source these candidates. We’ll Conduct the initial vetting process to ensure they are suited to the culture of your business and only then introduce them to you for an initial interview. Post interview, we will assist in processing candidates to ensure that the onboarding process runs as smoothly as possible.

Business Process Audit

We’ll help to review your current systems to ensure they are geared up to deliver the growth and desired goals of the business. We’ll also provide advice on alternative systems and processes that are available and which could improve the efficiency of your business (and its development plan) to ensure you maximise your return on investment.

Partner Introduction

We’ve built a network of partners we trust to deliver the level of service to our clients that we aim to deliver ourselves. We can only specialise in a couple of areas and have chosen partners who are specialists in their fields to help support your business in the areas we can’t. Specifically, we work with a range of large financial services partners who can support the growth and development of your career. Where our specialist advice ends theirs begins.

Next Steps

Leave us your details to arrange an informal conversation about your current situation and long term goals. Whether it’s the first mortgage adviser role, finding the best route to market, improving your operational systems or finding the right personnel to grow and develop your firm, OB1 Financial can assist you in achieving your desired goals. 

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